Our Common Ground


So what are the common ground issues that most Americans can agree on?

Some of the common ground issues that we can stand strong on in Delaware are:

  • That we need an educational system that is not based on what neighborhood you live in, or how much money your family makes
  • That Delaware needs to a truly green energy system that will not destroy our environment or our communities, but one that will advance our state into the future
  • That we need equal rights in every aspect for all people, no matter their income, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity
  • That Delaware needs complete pay equity for all workers, with a wage that people can actually live off of without the need for assistance or having to work two or three jobs
  • That we need a justice system that works to protect and serve every single person in our state no matter what income, race, gender, religion, or sexual preference
  • That we need to start the process of reformation in regards to our state electoral system so that every single person has the ability to vote
  • That we need to bring transparency back into local government.

Everyone thinks that these ideas will benefit every single Delaware resident across the board, and improve the quality of life in our state.

The question that remains is how do we get these ideals passed as legislation in Delaware?

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