Welcome to the Legislative Accountability Report Card (LARC) presented by Delaware United!

Here you will find the final report cards for the Delaware State House of Representatives and Delaware State Senate, as well as the raw data sheets with a downloadable link for a read-only file. Feel free to download and share the images below on any social media platform. We encourage the dissemination of this information so that all voters can be better educated on the voting record of the elected officials that represent them.

We will be uploading a youtube video shortly that describes how the LARC was created, and how the grades were decided.

***The “Attendance” grade was renamed to “Number of Missed LARC Votes” for clarity purposes. This grade was never intended to reflect attendance in Dover, only how many LARC votes were missed. For clarity purposes we now show how many votes were missed.

Here are the Final Report Cards:

final report card for uploading MV senate
final report card for uploading MV house


Here are the Raw Data Sheets: