How To Create Change

 Current News!

Legislative Session is back in until July 1st. This means we will need any and all volunteers to sign up for our emails, and complete the action items so we can keep up the pressure for Progressive legislation. Currently we are lobbying for HB 204. This bill would help protect our communities while ending a major contributor to our racial inequalities in our criminal justice system. Read more Here.


So how are we going to accomplish this task of getting involved, and stepping into a political system that seems, at least to many people, to be a hostile and uninviting environment?

The first step is to Step Up:

  • We must educate ourselves on what is happening in our local politics. We have to research and seek out Progressive candidates that are receptive to our issues and will fight for US on those issues. Then after we find those candidates, we need to come together to lift them up and make sure that they win their positions in the local elections.


  • We need to stay together and remain committed to the actions that we can agree on that will best serve our candidates, whether it be attending a meet and greet, or give information to friends, or even just sharing events and posts on facebook.


  • Finally, we have to grow our organization into a formidable force for change.  Candidates take notice of groups by their volume, the more people we have on our side, the more power and influence we will have when it comes to helping legislation or candidate involvement. We have already assembled a coalition of organizations across the state- The Progressive Action Network- to unite our forces during this legislative session. 

  • We have to spread the message that people can affect change in their communities, no matter what they have been beaten down into believing and that Delaware United is here to help them do that.


  • We have to help educate those around us, and help them understand that there is a way to help shape local politics.


  • We have to tell them that the first step is to step up and start to once again care about what’s happening in your communities enough to get involved.

The next step is to Step Out:

  • We must step out of the house, and sometimes out of our comfort zone, and attend local events.


  • We will become the change we seek by getting involved in changing our communities. 


  • When we go to political events, we owe it to ourselves to ask people questions and become educated on what is happening in our communities, our local politics, and our legislation.


  • We must work together to always strive to learn new ways to create change.


  • We must always keep striving for a better, more prosperous Delaware for all.

The next step is to Get Involved:

  • That means getting involved and attending your local RD meetings- for democrats living outside of Wilmington- or your city or county council meetings for anyone and everyone.


  • That means participating in marches, speaking to your neighbors, and encouraging others to join the movement in Delaware.


  • It means volunteering on campaigns and help elect Delaware’s next generation of Progressive Leadership.


  • It means taking the ultimate leap and running for office! Please contact us directly if this is your goal, we can help connect you to the right people!


After we start doing this we will start to see the change that we seek in our state:

  • We can make Delaware The People’s state of the country, instead of the corporate or banking capital of the country.


  • We can transform Delaware’s agenda into our agenda, and make sure that the candidates know that they need US, the people of Delaware, if they want to succeed.


  • We can begin to see that people are more willing to engage in our communities and become more involved in local politics.


When we change our local politics and create a state where all people have a means of participation in the political process, we can transform Delaware into the Progressive beacon of the East Coast.