About Delaware United

Delaware United is committed to local grassroots democracy, but in order to succeed in changing our state we need your help. Sign up for our email list so that we can contact you and let you know how and when you can help forward the progressive movement in our state. This is our state, so let’s do this together!


Our Vision:

We are a group of united people, from all walks of Delaware, that has the goal of pushing forward on a path to change our state, and point it in the right direction.  We are not working as Democrats, Progressives, Independents, or Republicans, but as a united group of like-minded people who want to be involved, who want to step up and who want to change our local politics and make Delaware the state it must become.

  • There is no requirement to be a member on terms of party affiliation guidelines, and there is no exclusion based solely on the offered support to any one candidate in the past.
  • The only prerequisite is the desire to get involved and to become a voice for change.
  • Our stances on various issues can be found at: Our Common Ground

          We are a group focused on the common ground issues that we feel should be on the forefront of every election, every debate, every forum, and every speech that our candidates and representatives give.

          We are here to help candidates win elections so we can change Delaware to what we, in this group, collectively know that it can and should be by working together.

          However, our job does not end after election day.  We must continue to push forward on these issues and united Delaware, and its people, to protect each other, and to hold our representatives accountable.

           We believe this cannot be achieved through one-man activism with a megaphone, booing candidates off stage, or any other guerrilla tactics, but through organized, political action and group founded strategies.  We only ask that you take responsibility for your communities and join your local political organizations.  Whether they be your local Representative District meetings, City Council meetings, or by joining local political activist groups like “The Network Delaware,” “UUDAN,” or “Common Cause Delaware.”


Our Core belief:

There are many things that we, as a country, will never fully agree on because there is not one ultimate answer; mostly these non-unifying issues are based in morality and ethics, rather than legality. However, there are many things that are common ground amongst multiple political parties that the majority of Americans, no matter what your religious, political, or ethical beliefs are, can agree on.

These are the issues that we must focus on because the opportunity to direct our state in the right direction by passing common ground legislation in Delaware is too great to pass up.  All of our lives can be made better if we stand up, take responsibility, and help each other take back our local government and make sure that it represents all of us; especially on the ideals that we can all agree on.

Want to join Delaware United, and help create the changes you seek in our state?

We have many different things that you can do to help us in our goal of reshaping Delaware Politics!  Right now we are recruiting people to join one of our four base Squads that are working on different fronts to help build on the momentum of the past year, and prepare for the upcoming elections in 2017 and the big election season of 2018!

We are forming a few “squads” to take action. Please see a list with brief descriptions below. We’d love to have you as a part of one (or more!) of our squads. Because we’re all busy, regular meetings will be kept to a minimum. Much of our work will take place via Facebook Instant messenger and calls. If you are interested in joining one or more of our squads, please reply to this email, and be sure to include the name you use on Facebook. Very soon, one of our squad leaders will reach out to you.

  • The Activism Squad involves planning and participating in “boots on the ground” activities such as canvassing, phone-banking, protesting, marching, and attending other groups’ meetings.
  • The Outreach Squad will reach out to DU members, and others, to help us achieve our goals–through social media, email, this squad will do things like writing/editing posts, emails, op-eds, letters to the editor, and working with the events squad to coordinate efforts to bring new people into the process.
  • The Events Squad will create and coordinate DU events like educational forms, documentary film nights, and nights with elected officials, and keep an eye out for other groups’ events in which DU members may be interested.
  • The Research Squad will focus on preparing us for the 2018 mid-term elections, researching candidates, watching legislation, developing elected officials’ “report cards,” and researching local elections.
  • The TV Squad will help develop our upcoming local TV show, “DU . TV,” including researching topics, video editing, program development, and coordinating with other squads to promote the show.

Most work can be done at home in spare time online via facebook, no predetermined time required for participation in a squad (if you have time to respond to a text, you can be of assistance). The more people we have in a squad, the less that everyone is required to do.  If we have 4 editors in the outreach squad, everyone can take turns based on availability at the time needed; instead of one editor having to do everything. Also, meetings are only held in person as needed, based on the people in that squad; there isn’t a set meeting time that is required on a regular basis.

This is a real chance to prepare now for what’s to come, and an opportunity to keep engaging new people and bringing them into the resistance.