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Labor Day 2017

There are those who will say that the time for organized labor has passed, that the need for it ended long ago when the government started to create more regulations. But ask the fast-food worker struggling to makes ends meet on a minimum wage, or the office worker who can’t leave their job lest they lose their insurance, or the woman who still only gets 70 cents for every dollar compared to her male counterpart if the time has passed and they will tell you that the struggle is real and continues to this day.
Today is Labor Day, a time to pay homage to those working men and women who shed their blood so that we may have the privileges and advantages that they never enjoyed. Just as they fought for a five-day workweek and a safer work environment, so too must we continue our fight for a living wage, the right to organize, pay equality, and so many other issues.
Corporate greed and control is still as present and as powerful as it ever was in America and in Delaware, and it is only by coming together, hand in hand to fight against it, that we can make our economy a truly democratic one. An economy where everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor and lift one another up.
We need to center our focus on the economy of the working people, and not solely on the economy of the CEO’s and traders on Wall Street. Our nation will not be judged by how treats the interests of mega-corporations, but by how well it treats it’s laborers. Without that human resource, corporations cannot exist. We need to strengthen our economy by continuing to invest in our workforce by continuing to train and educate our population and expand our economic opportunities.
We hope that you enjoy your Labor Day, and keep fighting!

In Response To The Delaware Democratic Platform 2017



Delaware United Presents:  Delaware Activist Calendar



By popular demand, Delaware United is proud to introduce the Delaware Activist Calendar!  This is a searchable, shareable group calendar, powered by Teamup. It can be shared far and wide to cover all the various progressive Delaware groups’ activities–informing the public, across all groups, about exciting events up and down our state.  We invite all progressive groups to join this calendar!

Currently, we hold six remaining administrative access codes, but we will possibly be gaining more in the future if needed.  We’d like to offer those codes to the most active groups sponsoring one or more weekly events, but are happy to post events from all groups.  So, if you don’t hold weekly, or bi-weekly events, but want your events to show up on the calendar, please send us an email with the basic information in it (you can use this template or send us a FB events link).

An amazing thing about this particular program is that any group can share this calendar on their Facebook page.  (You can see what that looks like on the left side bar of Delaware United’s Facebook page, under “DE Activist Calendar.”).  You can even embed the calendar on your group’s webpage.  (You can see what that looks like on the homepage of  All involved groups will have access to the calendar, and it will be the same calendar for everyone.

At last, every groups’ activities will be in one calendar, and that one calendar can be shared identically in multiple places.  The groups that hold the most events, like Network Delaware, UUDAN, and other large organizations, can post their own events whenever they want!  Smaller groups with fewer meetings can contact Delaware United via email or FB (again you can use this template or send us a FB events link) to have events posted for them.

This streamlined calendar literally can host all Delaware progressive events, and will be a great resource for our various groups and the public. Also, we can reduce overlapping events, duplicated efforts, and confusion as to what is happening when.  We think this is a true gamechanger for our state. Anyone can view or search for specific types of events or groups, or just explore this calendar to find out all the events that are happening around the state with the click of a button. Delaware United is happy to be of service in this way, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about this wonderful new tool!

To add the calendar to your group’s Facebook, page, follow these instructions.

The link for the calendar that you will need as you go is:

To add the calendar to your group’s webpage, follow these instructions.  (Note: Some HTML experience may be required.)

(Also, there are ways to add the calendar to WordPress and other sites.)

If you are a large progressive group sponsoring one or more weekly events, contact us and we will get you started setting up your own events in the calendar.  Otherwise, please email us a list of your upcoming events, and keep us informed in the future, and we will add them to the calendar on your behalf within hours of receiving.


In response to Solar Energy Expansion we see someone doing exactly what is in our platform,…

Posted by Delaware United on Friday, January 27, 2017

In response to the special election for Senate District 10

With the on coming Special Election in District 10, Delaware United is proud to join Senator Bryan Townsend, Representative David Bentz, Eugene Young, Stephanie Herron, and many other progressive Delawareans in endorsing Stephanie Hanson for the Senate District 10. We have researched the other candidates, and reviewed all available information. After which, we sat down with Stephanie Hansen on multiple occasions to discuss the issues facing Delaware today (and will be releasing an interview with her very soon). Stephanie has committed to work continuously for the progressive legislation that Delaware is in dire need of. She will push for reforms in the our public school funding, increase our renewable portfolio, and stand against the inclusion of Natural Gas as a renewable energy. She will continue her drive to improve the lives of those in SD-10, and work day and night to expand our treatment centers in Delaware for mental health and addiction; including working to reform our criminal justice system so we can stop locking up people who need our help the most.

The GOP misinformation campaign against Stephanie has already begun from out of state resources, which highlights the national importance and implications of this race. With a gridlocked congress in Delaware, we will be able to accomplish nothing, and will likely lose substantial ground on the progressive front; particularly with the incoming national administration. Our citizens cannot afford to be cast overboard and forgotten in a sea of deregulation and social conservatism. We must come together if we are to succeed, and succeed is what we must do. We hope you will join us in supporting Stephanie Hansen for the Special Election in Senate District 10. Stay tuned to Delaware United for new interviews, events, volunteer opportunities, and of course the release of the date of the special election.

In response to Rep. Kim Williams speaking out against the DAPL (11/28/2016): 

Delaware United would like to thank Kim Williams State Representative, 19th District for speaking out against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

She is the one of the few local officials talking about this. We cannot wait until a crisis comes to our home state; we need to speak out now. We have companies who have already been approved to expand pipelines throughout Delaware, and others are simply biding their time until President-Elect Trump deregulates the EPA at the federal level.

In neighboring Pennsylvania, they are working on pipeline projects that will have a direct effect on our waterways here in Delaware; and in New Jersey they are doing much the same thing. Many of our state’s waterways feed in from neighboring states, and we need our congressional delegation (Senators Carper and Coons along with Representative, and soon to be Governor, Carney and Representative-Elect Lisa Blunt Rochester) to stand up and speak out against further degradation of our planet’s natural resources in Delaware, and even more so on the national level.

We are going to need our local leaders here in Delaware, leaders like Rep. Kim Williams, to lead the fight against this anti-environment agenda that will surely leave our planet crippled for future generations. Our children depend on us to act now, and we cannot afford to let them down.

Thank you Representative Williams, we look forward to standing by your side in January and beyond.…/100-million-impro…/93289510/


In response to the appointment of the new State Senate Leadership (11/18/2016):

Congratulations to the new Senate leadership team in Delaware! It is good to have so many forward thinking people at the helm of the Senate to move our state forward. We know that both Sen. David McBride and Sen. Margaret Rose Henry want to initiate some of the most publicly favored legislation. Legislation such as the legalization and taxation of marijuana, fighting for the protection of Delaware’s planned parenthood funding, a more open and representative democracy in delaware, and electoral reform. Both are ADA heros, and have a 100% advocacy rating from PP.

We look forward to seeing what these three can do in their new positions with the support of an engaged public.

In response to the re-appointment of Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf as Speaker of the House(11/18/2016):

Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf has been reappointed by his colleagues as Speaker of Delaware House of Representatives.

Unfortunately, Rep. Schwartzkopf has a reputation for blocking discussion of, and denying voting on, progressive legislation that would allow Delaware to truly lead politically and socially as the First State. Additionally, he favors a reinstatement of Delaware’s archaic, ineffective, and costly death penalty.

We hope that moving forward – especially in a legislative body with a Democratic majority – Rep. Schwartzkopf will reverse his stance on the Death Penalty and that he will be more open to opinions from all sides of his party within the General Assembly, and from the people of Delaware as well.

Further, we strongly encourage progressive Delawareans to work at the most grassroots level—specifically, to become involved in their local representative districts, or RDs, the most basic organizational unit of the Delaware Democratic Party. In fact, the RDs are currently looking for more folks to participate in them. If you’re unsure of your RD number, visit, and enter your personal information in the Voter Portal. Then, to find information about your next RD meeting, visit, and look under “Upcoming Events.” Also, through this website, you can find contact information for your RD Chair. Look under “Our Party,” “Local Party,” then your city (Wilmington) or county, and “Representative District Chairs.” Or, contact Delaware United and we can help you get involved.

In response to the General Election Results (11/10/2016):

We are currently coming together to review our goals moving forward in the light of the recent election results. We are putting together our plans to make sure that Delaware officials recognize the changing in the tides, and react appropriately by inviting everyone to have a voice and chance to create the changes we seek.
To make sure that the progressive movement keeps moving forward, and that our representation recognizes that they must change with the times and continue to fight to represent US, and fight for US.
We need to make sure that the Democrats that were elected in Delaware know that they will be held responsible to full fill the campaign promises that they made, whether it be to increase benefits for mental health coverage, bring more good paying, entry-level jobs into the economy, battling the heroin epidemic, bridging the gap between the public and the office holders, or bettering our tattered school system.
We can not end our journey at the exit from the polling booth, we must keep fighting and keep getting involved.

The date of our next meeting will be announced shortly, where we will discuss all the ways that YOU can get involved, where YOU can create change, and where YOU can push for a better, safer, and more inclusive tomorrow. However, if you cannot wait for that please sign up for our email list so we can keep you informed and gather your opinion on what you would like to see happen in Delaware.

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