Delaware United response to the Delaware Democratic Party Platform:

Recently, some members of Delaware United had the opportunity to partner with fellow delegates to the the Delaware State Democratic Party Convention to develop additions and amendments to the State Party Platform. This group included Delaware United Steering Committee and Associate Members, and allies from other groups.  We first reviewed the draft and found both some aspirational yet realistic goals, along with some planks that needed to be strengthened and expanded upon. Together, our group formulated additions and alternate language that we felt would strengthen the platform.

All in all, we made nearly two dozen suggestions to the platform committee, which we submitted as individual delegates (noting that we all worked together).  We are overjoyed to report that the vast majority of the suggestions we made to the committee made it into the final draft of the platform, which will be voted on at the state convention. Additions include, but are not limited to:

  • “Further, we pledge to seek out and listen to fresh ideas from newly involved Democrats, to bring them into the process and ensure that they have a voice in our Party and a place at the table.”
  •      ….” which is why we support the initiative to implement a paid parental leave program at the federal level and will work for a similar program at the state level.”
    ·      “We need to ensure protections and services for survivors of violence and trafficking, and implement measures to ensure that we are not criminalizing the victim and that all victims receive the care they need to make a fresh start.”
  •      A commitment to increasing funding for education to help people prepare for the jobs of the future [paraphrase]
  •      “We believe that we should make it easier to vote by expanding early voting and voting by mail, automatically registering citizens to vote, implementing same-day voter registration, and ending partisan and racial gerrymandering.”
  •      “Bold new investments by the federal government, coupled with states reinvesting in higher education and reducing student loan burdens, should ensure that Americans of all backgrounds will be prepared for the jobs and economy of the future.”
  •      “Delaware Democrats believe that our state needs to offer and expand alternative educational opportunities for individuals not pursuing a college degree. Union apprenticeship programs provide a proven, systematic method of vocational and technical education, integrating on-the-job work experience with related instruction, typically offered in a classroom setting. Apprentices are paid while they learn their respective trade, are eligible for benefits, and have a pathway to a career.”
  •      “Furthermore, we recognize that addiction is a mental health issue, not a criminal issue; we commit to working to pass laws to ensure that these individuals can get the help they need, rather than entering the criminal justice system.”

  • These are just the additions that were made to the platform surrounding our suggestions, and we know that others may have made similar suggestions. However, there were even more additions from the 180 total suggestions made, some of which we just have to mention here just to prove how far this platform has come since the initial sit-down last year. The Delaware Democratic Party has now committed itself to fighting for:


  • A Medicare for All, single-payer healthcare system
  • A huge commitment to fighting for veterans’ needs, including mental health care, education, job training, campaigns to battle homelessness, and more
  • The continued abolition of the death penalty in Delaware
  • A commitment to mental health, including suicide awareness and prevention programs
  • Debt-free college, and expansion of programs like the SEED program
  • Universal pre-school
  • Expanding green energy infrastructure in Delaware
  • Corporate reform, specifically stopping shadow LLCs from setting up in Delaware
  • Commitment to ending super PACs
  • Public financing of elections
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Ending mass incarceration
  • Fighting income and wealth inequality
  • $15 an hour minimum wage for Delaware
  • Fighting outsourcing in Delaware
  • Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure
  • A commitment to continue fighting to support our unions
  • Building a more modern mass public transit system

Did we get everything we wanted? No, of course not. However, we can easily say that this is by leaps and bounds more of a progressive platform than where we started. Yes, there is still work to be done at the convention. Moreover, we need to make more detailed commitments to going green, and protecting our natural resources. We are even preparing a handful of detailed and specific resolutions to push the Democratic Party further in its commitments to some of these items and others. However, this document is proof that the Delaware Democratic Party is open to the new people entering its ranks, and is a step forward in the right direction. Now, some will say that this is only a document, and that is true. It is up to each and every one of us to fight for what is in this platform and make sure that it becomes a reality reflected in legislation, and ultimately made into actual policy. However, we can use this platform to support us as we fight these battles, and to remind our elected officials that they belong to a party that supports these ideals, and that they were elected on the premise that they would fight for them.  We truly believe that if this platform passes at the convention, it is a big step on the road to success for the progressive agenda in Delaware.  We hope to see many of you this Saturday in Dover.

For a link to the new, current Party Platform draft please visit:


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