DU’s Response to Trump’s ICE Raids:


Trump’s massive deportation of undocumented workers is inexcusable.  Anyone who knows what getting legal status entails, knows that it is a daunting and nerve-wracking experience.  Most of the people who fear being deported are hardworking, tax paying, honest people, many of them with families and children.  We need strong leadership here in Delaware to protect these families, and a government that will provide them with a smoother, realistic path towards citizenship.  We do not need these individuals fleeing Delaware for fear of having their families torn apart.

We talk a lot about wasting taxpayers’ money.  New deportation efforts have costs estimated in the trillions, with the added atrocity of treating fellow human beings with such callousness.  Many people believe that illegal immigrants drain our resources, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Trump’s deportation raids will have an estimated cost of $1.6 trillion dollars to the revenue stream.

In other words, over the next twenty years, we will lose trillions of dollars in tax revenue paid by undocumented laborers.  Most of these workers are paid low wages, performing difficult manual labor with no protections from unions or workers’ rights groups, living in fear of being torn from their families.  These workers are unable to collect from tax-funded social safety nets and entitlements due to their lack of legal status.  Therefore, these workers are paying into a system from which citizens can benefit, without being able to benefit from it themselves.  Long story short, Trump wants to destroy their lives, damage our economy, and hurt our business community.

We need Delaware leadership to adamantly state that they will not tolerate such a heartless and reckless endeavor.  Please call Governor Carney’s office, and the offices of your representatives, and ask them to make Delaware a sanctuary state.  We may be unable to stop federal officers from coming to Delaware, but we must not allocate our limited resources for this blatant violation of human decency.

Governor Carney can be reached at:
Dover Office
(302) 744-4101
Wilmington Office
(302) 577-3210

Senator Carper can be reached at:
(302) 573-6291
(202) 224-2441

Senator Coons can be reached at:
(302) 573-6345
(202) 224-5042

Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester
(302) 830-2330

To find your local representatives, please follow this link to watch a quick two-minute video.  The very first section will walk you through the process.

Additionally, we would like to thank and support John Young and Liz Paige for their support for John Youngs resolution to make Christina schools a safe zone for children fearing deportation.  Children cannot learn under fear of being ripped from their schools without warning, and parents cannot feel safe sending their children to schools where they could be targeted.  Although Mr. Young’s resolution did not pass, he has assured the public that he will refine and reintroduce the resolution as a policy on 3/14/17, and we would urge constituents to call those who voted against it the first time. To find out more information about his bill you can check out these links, here, here, and here, or  reach out to John Young via his facebook page or email @ John.young@christina.k12.de.us .


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