What was the old Anti-Obama slogan? “You can keep the change?”

        Not that long ago, Republicans were slamming Obama for his message of “Change.” However, now in Delaware, that same party is now claiming that message as their own, and with receiving zero blowback with regards to their past rhetoric against that slogan.  To be clear, “change” is not the issue; if you have specific changes that you want to see come to fruition, then absolutely speak out, step up, and get involved.  That however, is not what is happening with the Republican Party, particularly not here in Delaware.  There are zero specifics on what needs to be changed, or how to change them, or what they are going to change them to; just that if you vote for me I’ll fix it all and you don’t have to lift a finger.  Instead of releasing specific policies that could benefit the people they are trying to garner votes from, they are throwing a lot of blame at the party in power for everything that is wrong in the world, coupled with a generic sentiment of, “I can fix it all, just vote for me.”

        Listen, the political process is difficult.  You have to do a lot of work, for sometimes just the smallest amount of pay off, but that’s how it goes when you are working with a large body of people.  If anyone ever says, “Elect me and I’ll fix all your woes right away,” immediately question everything they have to say because that’s not how being a politician works.

        Again, change is great, and we need major changes here in Delaware.  The Delaware Way needs to be done away with, and new people need to have a voice in the political process; there is no disagreement there.  That is not what’s going to happen though if this particular brand of Republican comes under control in the Delaware State Senate.  The only changes that are going to be made are changes against the working, middle class families here in Delaware.  

For example, will they change labor laws? Absolutely! They will make sure that Unions are a thing of the past, and that employers can pay their workers as little as they please.  Are they going to change the educational system? 100%, yes! They will make sure that our public school system goes bankrupt by implementing a voucher program that will take funds out of the schools that need it the most.   Will they affect change that will lower taxes?  You betcha!  They will cut program services to our most vulnerable citizens while lowering taxes on the top income earners making millions a year, and blow a deficit that’s already high through the roof.  Will they bring change to our environmental landscape?  Without a doubt! They will deregulate the CZA, and any other regulations that are in place preventing the oil companies and power plants from dumping toxic wastes into your drinking water supplies.  

See what’s happening here?  “Change” is an easy term to throw around, but it’s much harder to look your voters in the eyes and tell them what KIND of change you’re talking about. Again, do we need to change things in Delaware?  Yes, without a doubt, the status quo has gone on for far too long in Delaware, and it needs to be changed from the bottom on up.  However, the type of change that is going to happen when this brand of Republicans control the State Senate is not the kind of change that you want, or that you can afford.  Real change that will benefit you and your families will only be occur when hundreds of people step up, step out, and get involved in the political process.  Stand up, make your voices heard, get involved in your RDs and councils, and please, be sure to get out and vote on February 25th like your life depends on it (because it really does), but do your research and vote from a well-educated perspective.


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