Some people do not want to be involved in politics. Some just don’t want to be bothered by it, and others just don’t understand it.  One of these issues is a valid excuse, but not a valid reason, and the other is poppycock.  If you do not understand politics, believe me, you are not alone.  Understanding the political process can be a confusing and overwhelming endeavor to undertake by yourself, but you don’t have to go it alone!  Delaware United is here to help. One of our goals is to help get more people involved, engaged, and educated about local politics.  That is one of the reasons we are so excited about the Electoral Process Pillar of the Network Delaware. They can take you from “0 to 60” in no time flat, as far as understanding the various levels of local politics.  Within the next couple of days, we will release an interview with Coby Owens, who is heading up that pillar, and we hope that it will clear up some misconceptions surrounding politics, and get you started with some of the basics about how our local government works.

The other excuse for those who do not want to be involved in the political process is just not good enough.  To not want to be bothered by happenings in the political realm is just not an option in today’s world.  Whether or not you want to be bothered with politics, it will be bothering you or someone you love at some point in the next few years.  The time to get involved is today.  There is an election happening right now that will affect your life, right here in Delaware, in a very real and possibly damaging way.  Delaware has been a reliably blue state for quite some time, and people have gotten complacent and disaffected regarding the political happenings in our state.  They have jumped onboard the apathy train, and have become disengaged.  The idea that whoever is on the Democratic ticket is ultimately guaranteed to win, has proliferated our ideologies in this state, and led to some serious upsets in the last general election.  Many people choose not to get involved during the primary process, and we are often stuck with the old Delaware Way candidates being recycled and re-elected to various positions. That’s all the more reason to get engaged. Right now, our State Senate could come under Republican control for the next 2 to 4 years, during one of the most dangerous Presidential administrations in national history. Right now, in Senate District 10, we have a fight for control over the Delaware State Senate with very real and dangerously stark differences amongst the candidates.

       On one side, we have someone who is very anti-union/anti-workers rights; who desires to disband environmental regulations protecting drinking water; who wants to allow Delaware businesses and corporations to do virtually whatever they want, at the taxpayers’ expense; who wants to cut funding for local women’s health centers; who wants to propagate the Trump administration’s nationalist campaign right here in  Delaware, joining hands with an outrageously divisive and dangerous campaign against civil rights, women’s rights, environmental protections, and economic freedom.

       On the other side, we have–in Stephanie Hansen–someone standing up for renewable energy programs, responsible land use practices, and a better funding system for public schools. We have someone who will fight to increase job opportunities for those who do not desire to go to college and get deeply indebted by student loans, by expanding the SEED program to include trade schools.  We have someone who will never support so-called “right to work” legislation in our state, who will stand up for women’s rights and funding for local health centers, and who has worked with communities and organizations to better the lives of Delawareans.

       There are two options here, and they couldn’t be further apart from one another on the issues that matter the most; and don’t let any radio station or news article tell you differently.  This is one election that will have repercussions for years to come, and we cannot afford to sit idly by.  This is one election where you have something to vote FOR, not just against.  You’re voting FOR the future of our state, FOR the future of our children’s education, FOR the future of our environment, FOR the future of our economy.  There are many things you can vote FOR when you vote for Stephanie Hansen.

       However, your job does not start at the voting booth.  It starts right now.  Do you know anyone who lives in the Middletown, Glasgow, or Newark areas?  Do you know someone who knows someone living in any of these areas? Delaware is a small state, so you probably do. You have a job, and it’s an easy one: TALK.  Tell people about the special election. Tell them about the differences between the candidates. Tell them that the election takes place on Saturday, February 25. Tell them why this election is so important, that a very small number of votes could determine the future of our state. You owe it to yourself, your neighbors, your loved ones, and your children to talk to people and make sure they know about this election.  Just by telling five people, you could start a ripple effect that decides who wins the election.

       The next time you are talking about crazy cat videos on YouTube, or who is keeping up with which Kardashian, or the hottest, funniest TV sitcom, take a minute to be bothered by politics and to ask your friend or loved one, “Hey, did you hear about the special election happening right now that could completely change our state?”


If you want to do more than that, and really dig into the process of working with a candidate, now is the time.  Delaware United does phonebanking events and canvassing events every week from Friday through Sunday.  Once you are trained in phonebanking, you can proceed to do that at home, everyday during the week, as much as you want on your schedule.  Please join us @


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