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The importance of getting involved locally


When Bernie Sanders lost the primary he did not stop fighting. Instead, he encouraged his supporters to continue their grassroots efforts in their own states. He believed that no matter who won the Presidency, if his supporters got involved on a local level we would still be able to move our agenda forward. Many progressive groups have sprung up across the country in response to Senator Sanders’ message.

All across Delaware, more people are getting involved in their representative districts, and attending local political events. From marches to kick-off events of new groups, people are stepping up, and stepping out. But there is still a lot that can be done. Most Delaware voters are unaware of who their local politicians are, and the impact that local politics has on them.  We will be putting up a video shortly on how to find out who your local representatives are and how to contact them.

Right now there is a really important local election taking place. Stephanie Hansen is running against John Marino, in a special election to fill Bethany Hall-Longs vacated State Senate seat. If the Democrats lose this race they will lose the majority in the senate. Delaware is one of six states with a Democratic “trifecta,” which means we have a democratic governor, House, and Senate.  If the Dems lose this race, it will be extremely difficult for people like Rep. Williams, Kowalko, or Lynn to pass any progressive new legislation.

If you are looking to get involved locally now is a great time to help. For more information on Stephanie and where she stands on issues please go to . You can also watch our interview with her over at our “DU Videos” page.

If you are not a Delaware resident but still want to get involved in local politics try searching for local groups at


Demanding that our nation, our elected officials, and our US companies put people over profits isn’t a purist concept, it’s a human need. We must do better, and we MUST come together. United we will stand and we will win, but divided we lose and we will fall. We all need to stop calling names, slinging mud, and casting each other aside; we must come together. Present facts, debate as adults, share info and ideas; that is what makes our country amazing, and you should do it now while you still can.

There is an energy coming into the ranks, we must invite them in. Harness that energy, guide it, educate it, and be educated by it. This is the new era of American politics, we must adapt and become better through partnership, or we will all lose. This is not the time for division, in fact it’s the worst time for division, this is the time to see the strengths in each other and stand united.